Life and Long-Term Insurance

Life Insurance

family with Life insuranceLife insurance allows you to protect your loved ones from financial pressures due to a premature death. There are also some specialized uses of life insurance in business. They include funding business purchase agreements, protecting the firm against loss of a key employee, and providing additional compensation to executives and other valuable employees.

 The amount and type of  life insurance an individual should carry depends on many factors. Our Firm will analyze your unique situation and based on your specific risks and needs, will determine which policy is best for you.

We have numerous affordable insurance companies to choose from and we can shop for you. Term insurance, whole-life, and endowment contracts are the traditional forms of life insurance and have existed for many years. In total, there are six distinct types of life insurance to consider:

  • Term insurance
  • Whole-life  
  • Endowment
  • Universal
  • Adjustable life
  • Variable life policies

What we will provide for you as your agent

  • Determine which life insurance  policy you should carry
  • Determine which product and company fits with your particular circumstances
  • Find the most reasonably priced and cost effective policy
  • Choose a life insurance company that is financially stable, has a good reputation toward claims and cancellation of policyholders’ protections

Long Term Care Insurance

Elderly womanWith increase in life expectancy and improved medical care, Americans age 65 and older are increasing more rapidly than the remainder of the population. For a variety of social and economic reasons, an increasing number of our aged are spending their final days in nursing homes and extended care facilities, with annual costs of $40,000 to $90,000 per year.

Many people who require long-term care are not “sick” in the traditional sense. They are old and frail, and while they may not require traditional types of medical services, they do need assistance with the activities of daily living.

Although Medicare addresses two facets of the long-term care need ( nursing home and home health care), it does so on a very restrictive and limited basis.

Finding the right policy that is both affordable and covers your needs is what we provide at RJR Financial Firm.