Investment and Asset Management

Our investment platform gives investors above average rates of returns with minimized downside risk. When investing your money, we’ve created a precise step-by-step process.

1. Determine Your Risk Tolerance and Financial Planning Objectives

First, we must determine your financial objectives and risk tolerance. We analyze each individual’s situation to determine where clients’ current investments may be inconsistent with their objectives. Every investor has a comfort level and knows how much risk they are willing to take in order to meet their financial goals. This is accomplished through a one hour free consultation to educate you on how we can accomplish your objectives while giving you the comfort that your money is in good hands.

2. Establish Your Asset Allocation Strategy

Once we have determined your risk tolerance and identified your long term and short term financial needs, our investment management strategy will be to diversify your money into the appropriate asset classes. We work to create intelligently designed portfolios to meet all of your needs and objectives.

3. Diversify Your Money into Different Assets Classes

Diversification is the process of accumulating different securities or investments in order to reduce risk.  We accomplish this by allocating your money in a variety of  investments, including stocks, bonds, REIT’s, commodities, cash, etc. In each asset class, there are sub-classes to invest and diversify in. With the stock portion of your portfolio, we will diversify from large to small cap companies in all countries throughout the world. Through our portfolio management, we accomplish this through selecting the best managed mutual funds with superior long-term returns and low downside risk. We are an independent fee based broker who can put your money into the top performing mutual funds and ETF’s. Unlike other brokers who are  commission based, they tend to have an inherent conflict of interest and are often guided to use proprietary company mutual funds.

We have many stringent criteria before we invest your money in a mutual fund. We determine the fund managers ability, the long-term performance, low fees, risk factor,volatility of the fund, overall strategies and other important factors relevant to the prosperity of the fund. Mutual funds are no load funds, which means there are no sales charge to you. We monitor the selected funds on a daily basis to assure you are getting superior returns on your investments with minimal risk. We also invest in ETF’s (exchange traded funds), index funds and options where prudent.

4. Periodically Rebalancing Your Portfolio to Adhere to the Ever-Changing Financial and Economic Trends

Financial trends and daily economic information can have an impact on your investments. By following these trends, we can make timely adjustments to your portfolio to minimize your assets from downside risks, while achieving above average rates of return on your investments in the long-term. A stagnant unmanaged portfolio can have dire consequences or sub pare results. Understanding economics, business cycles, and following trends in the market place will allow us to properly invest your money in the right asset classes. Rebalancing your portfolio on a timely basis is a very important part of asset management.

5. Report  the Results

Our clients receive monthly statements prepared by Institutional Schwab Brokerage Firm. We use Schwab as our back office support in placing the trades and sending our client’s their monthly reports. In addition, we email out a bi-weekly market commentary and investment analysis to our clients. We also send out detailed periodic reports regarding your portfolio’s rate of return, asset allocation, income earned and other pertinent valuable information regarding your investments. We believe in open communication and educating our clients as to our investment strategies and process. We are always available throughout the year for any questions you may have regarding your investments. You also can go online to view your investments at any time.

6. Monitoring Your Investments

After selection and allocation for your portfolio is made, performance is monitored on a daily basis. Ongoing monitoring helps you stay invested in an ever-changing economic climate. The asset management process is accomplished by movement of capital from one investment to another investment with greater potential as market trends unfold.

What to Expect from Your Free One Hour Initial Meeting

In an effort to establish trust, we offer a one hour free initial consultation designed to help you feel more comfortable with the process of investing. We believe it is our responsibility not only to help you make the most on your investments, but also to help you make the most of your overall personal and financial aspects of your life.

  • Establish your personal & financial goals
  • Evaluate & analyze your current situation and investments
  • Understand your risk tolerance and expected returns
  • Establish an investment and financial plan of action to meet your financial goals
  • Implement the plan of action and monitor the results

Our Fee Structure is -Fee Based -with No Sales Charges or Commissions

We charge lower fees than 90% of fee based advisors, which means more money in your pocket. Most fee based advisors charge from 1% to 1.50% of assets under management. We charge 1% for the first $50,000 and then .65 of 1% over 50,000. Accounts over $800,000 are a flat fee of ½ of one percent of total assets under management. Mutual funds are no load funds, which means there are no sales charge to you.